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Avocat à la Cour de Paris


Welcome to the Law Office of Maître Eric TURCON, an independent firm dedicated to advising and representing a diverse clientele of individuals and businesses, both domestically and internationally. We work closely with executives to align with their strategic decisions.

Recognized for his specific expertise in Taxation, Business Law, and White-Collar Criminal Defense, Eric TURCON excels in anticipating and managing complex cases with significant personal, financial, media, and political stakes.

In addition, his proficiency in Family Law and Inheritance Law, where human and asset considerations are paramount, leads him to consistently pursue amicable solutions in areas where negotiation is crucial.

Avocat à la Cour

Doctor of Law

Our client relationships are founded on trust, absolute respect for professional confidentiality under all circumstances, and an unwavering commitment to ethics, availability, and responsiveness.

Drawing on experience gained within an international division of the French Internal Revenue Service, Eric TURCON established his practice in Paris, he is a Member of Paris Bar since 1983.

With a focus on handling sensitive and high-profile cases, he represents clients before both administrative and judicial courts, delivering exceptional legal services and achieving favorable outcomes.

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