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Drawing on his experience as tax auditor for the French National Fiscal Investigation Board, with a focus on international affairs, Éric Turcon founded his own law practice in 1983.

From the start, Éric TURCON has been a solicitor and a barrister for a French and international clientele – private individuals or legal entities – representing them before administrative jurisdictions in the domain of Tax Law.

Regularization of foreign assets and tax domiciliation issues constitute an important part of the activities of the Éric Turcon Law Firm.

As a lawyer, he specializes in affairs involving high stakes as far as financial settlements and legal complexity are concerned, and where the human factor is crucial.

His expertise is widely-recognized in Family Law, Inheritance Law and Estate Planning, domains where negotiating skills are essential and where an amicable settlement is often preferred.

He has been involved in a number of high-profile court cases which have received extensive media coverage involving Criminal Tax Law and Corporate Criminal Law, Éric Turcon is managing partner at the "Law Firm 130 Boulevard Saint Germain".

Éric Turcon

Attorney at Law Doctor (PhD.) of Law